What is ZENN?

ZENN(Zelos Node Network) is an in-house solution independently developed by Dexter Studios.

ZENN enables us to quickly and easily create hair, fur, feather, and scales on digital creatures and forests, rocks, and cities in digital environments procedurally. Up until now, Dexter Studio has used ZENN to create all digital creatures. It has been used successfully for some thousand shots for many projects. ZENN continues to undergo regular upgrades and maintenance.

Procedural Workflow

· ZENN is a Maya plugin composed of dozens of nodes and commands.
· Artists are able to produce desired output using node networks.
· This procedural workflow allows artists for fast revision.
· Also, it is possible to add new functionality without damaging preexisting data, so it is very accommodating in terms of maintenance.

Maya Curve Tools

· ZENN generates final fur strands from Maya curves provided by the artists.
· Therefore, it is important to be able to create and change Maya curves easily.
· ZENN provides several interactive combing tools for lengthening, trimming, bending, frizzing, etc.

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