What is ZENN Feather?

ZENN is capable of creating feather for digital birds such as cranes, eagles, penguins, etc.

To create a digital bird, fur strands are first created. Feathers are then created to be attached to those strands. ZENN enables artists to create digital feathers by handling heavy data efficiently.


· A feather system is similar to a fur system, but it needs some additional features.
· In the ZENN feather system, a fur strand is regarded as a feather shaft.
· ZENN provides various functionalities for attaching feather source objects to feather shafts.

Feather Source Types

· ZENN feather system can use polygon-based feather sources, curve set-based feather sources, and a combination of the two.
· Polygon-based feather sources are used for models that are further away from the camera and curve set-based feather sources are better for closeup shots.
· In the figure above, orange-colored feathers represent polygon-based feather and green curve set-based.
· As you can see in the figure, each type can have per-feather texture.

Feather Texture

· As previously explained, each type can have per-feather texture, but they can also inherit body texture color.
· It is also possible to blend both per-feather texture and body texture colors in shaders.

Feather Binding

· ZENN provides the following methods for binding feather source objects to fur strands: local axis binding, world axis binding, tangential binding, normal binding, fit-to-strand (wire deforming), etc.

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