Through an independent project called “Someone,” Dexter Studios began technological research into realistic portrayal of humans on screen.

The main focus of the “Someone” Project is to develop digital human technologies and apply them to digital contents. Above is the first demonstration video of the “Someone” Project, which had been screened at SIGGRAPH 2015 for CAF(Computer Animation Festival) Daytime Selects.

3D Facial Scan


· For the “Someone” Project, Dexter Studios developed its own facial scanner and related technologies.
· This facial scanning solution is based on photogrammetry, and provides a way to accurately acquire data such as 3D geometry and texture of an actor’s face.
· Various facial expressions are also able to be captured for reproduction onto a digital character.

Creating Animatable Mesh & Fine Tuning


· The captured raw data is not directly used to animate digital faces.
· Artists add more detail and adjust for inaccuracies on the digital model to enhance realism and likeness to the real actor.

Creating Facial Hair


· Essential components must be added to the digital face to achieve photorealism—Eyebrows, eyelashes, vellus hair, and cloth.
· Thus began research into these topics.

Facial Look Development


· It is very important to reproduce the look and feel of the skin and the eyes.
· As eyes are an important aspect of portraying emotions, ways of achieving photorealism in eyes have been developed, as well as variations of makeup and skin conditions.
· Digital characters are able to be put under arbitrary lighting conditions without losing their photorealism and with no extra effort.

Shot Production

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