Hyde, Jekyll, Me: TV Series

What if Mr. Hyde is not the evil that exists in human nature but the essence of goodness and love? What is Dr. Jekyll is not the good person who abides society’s morals but an extremely selfish man who knows nothing of love? A different take on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to view them in completely opposite light! In this new story, Dr. Jekyll is a man who has been a mean and stuck-up guy all his life because he is afraid of falling in love and Mr. Hyde is a sweet guy who will do anything for love. Dr. Jekyll is the meanest man in the world and Mr. Hyde is the kindest! And the sweet and delightful romance story of a woman who has fallen in love with two very different men.

Country South Korea
Network SBS
Director Jo Young-kwang
Stars Hyun Bin, Han Ji-min
Genres Romance, Comedy, Drama
Release Date January 21 – March 26, 2015(South Korea)
Website http://program.sbs.co.kr/dynamic/programMainList.do?pgm_id=22000006274&shareUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fprogram.sbs.co.kr%2Fbuilder%2FprogramMainList.do%3Fpgm_id%3D22000006274&shareTitle=하이드+지킬%2C+나+%3A+SBS&shareDesc=

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